North Pacific Coast Railroad
Building the North Pacific Coast Railroad
Double-Stack Storage
by Ken Stanfield
I am always looking for better ways to store ‘stuff’.  Of course, rail cars are a special
class of ‘stuff’ and therefore require special handling.  Equipment storage became a
problem when I realized that my  shop floor space was decreasing as the number of cars
on hand increased .  Finally, a simple solution came to mind –
double-stacks!  By
stacking cars on top of each other I could store
up instead of out.  I wanted to do this
cheaply and without damage to the cars since I am storing them for a friend.

This was accomplished by building cradles from 2x4’s that I had on hand.   Two 2x4’s
were cut to extend several inches past the ends of the car for each cradle.  Two 4 inch
long end blocks were cut from the scrap and attached with deck screws.  Simple!  Each
car rests on the axles of the trucks.  The end blocks prevent it from rolling off.  Now you
are ready to stack cars.  Be sure to check the undercarriage of each car for gear that may
be damaged by the cradles.  Also check for clearance on your couplers. Glued on felt or
high density foam plastic could be added to prevent marring of the car finish or decking.
Not all cars can be stored this way.  The stability of your stack will vary with the types
of cars and their trucks so be careful.
Three cars and two Rail Pups stacked to provide more floor space.
Is this a
Details of 2x4 end spacer.
David takes a test run behind his rebuilt GP-40.
Be Safe.
If you attempt a project like this, you are responsible for calculating the
load handling ability of your equipment.  Falling equipment can result in
injury or death. The author and this website are not responsible for
checking your calculations or workmanship
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